Balancing Existing and Extensible: Integrating Windows into a Linux Development Platform

Extending a Firm Foundation

Kenzan had previously been brought in to help the client migrate data center apps to cloud-based AMIs, as well as build out full CI/CD capabilities. We leveraged tools like Jenkins, Ansible, and Packer to manage and build AMI images, with images organized in the typical one-service-per-role fashion. We also utilized Terraform for network and security infrastructure, and Spinnaker to smoothly deploy projects into development and production environments.

Balance to Build On

Because we were able to implement this solution within the space of a quarter, Windows-based projects were able to start fresh with the tooling already in place. This reduced the risk of “hand tuned” systems since the foundations already existed, automated, in code. The automation in place kept development turnaround time at a minimum from the start.



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